Spiritually Rich Energy Clearing

Is your life filled with emotional pain, frustration, unhappiness and anger? Do you find that you are continually the victim of poor circumstances? Do you lack the drive and passion needed to propel your life forward positively? Have you lived a life of adversity and find you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you recently found yourself depressed and wondering if there is more to life than what you are experiencing today?

Pamela will take you on a deeply personal transformative journey so that you may discover your destiny and awaken what it feels like to realize your radiance. She will assist you in catching a glimpse of the magnificence that shines deep within, so that you will begin to live your life in alignment with your highest potential. Pamela shows men and women how to shift their thinking, heal their past pain, and start claiming the life they are meant to live.

With Spiritually Rich Energy Clearing you will learn how to ~

1. Restore balance to body, mind and soul:
It is easy to recognize if you are properly aligned because you feel blissful, joyful and rich experiences flow into your life effortlessly. Of course, if you are not where you need to be, your life will be void of this richness and instead filled with limitations, challenges and the feeling of being lost. Most people fall somewhere in between these two spectrums. Fear not, Pamela will assist you in pushing through barriers that hold you back from uncovering your highest potential so that you may live with passion in your heart and manifest your deepest desires.

2. Explore how to tap into your spiritual wealth:
Everyone is made from the same Divine DNA, but many people have forgotten their true heritage. Pamela helps you awaken to the fact that your spirit is the essence of rich substance and you will experience dramatic life changes. This process is about going past the five senses you are accustomed to using. Instead she teaches how to tap into the messages that are gently directing you forward. Hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing will take on new meaning as it moves you forward from your physical aspects into your spiritual gifts.

3. Examine self-defeating thoughts and emotions:
Mental and emotional thoughts, projections, intentions and actions work in synchronicity as a very powerful magnet drawing to you the perfect expression of your inner reality. If this unique power center functions from a place of love and high consciousness you will uncover the truth that you can do anything, be anything and live in accordance with your most beautiful imaginations. Pamela transports you to recognizing and releasing limited patterning that stands in your way of attaining a healthier and happier life.

4. Unveil your desires and dreams and put them into action now:
To visualize your dream life and take that vision to manifestation is a stumbling block for millions of people. On top of this you may feel stuck in a life of burden and struggle and can’t imagine a grander plan. Pamela takes you through a step by step process in which she will help you unveil, create and claim your highest vision so that you may live in accordance with your destiny.

5. Connect to your inner beauty so you may realize your radiance:
Everyone has an internal blueprint for what kind of life they are meant to live, but it may prove challenging at best to decipher the directions without reaching an elevated state of awareness. Pamela assists in helping you raise your consciousness and cleanse and heal your body so that you may set forth on your unique road to success.

6. Discover what it feels like to live freely:
By releasing all fears and doubts you will discover that you may live in harmony with your heart and soul. Freedom breaks the chains that bind you to a life filled with lack and despair. Opening a doorway within to create fully, love unconditionally, and live peacefully is what living a rich life resembles. What is within you is reflected back to you by the way you look, the condition of your belongings, the manner in which people treat you and the experiences you have. Pamela commits to helping you identify inner conflicts by guiding you to examine the finer details of what shows up in your life. She brings you towards a journey of self reflection and inner energy clearing so that your life transforms to one of peace, harmony and love.

"Pamela is an energetic and thought provoking coach and speaker. She has the ability to provide insight to individuals at any level and help them find a new direction for their careers and lives. She demands that people take responsibility for themselves and hold themselves accountable for their own initiatives. As a speaker she gets the attention of the audience. She has the ability to draw them in to the points she is making by being very articulate and to the point. She has the approach to use light humor, when called for, but to be serious about those things that she is passionate about."
~ Alva J. Phillips

One-hour Energy Clearing Session: $250

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